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Daily Archives: February 3, 2014

The Real Secret Of Attraction Marketing

The Real Secret Of Attraction Marketing So let me share with you and possibly assist you in understanding attraction marketing and to explain how that affects your marketing and where it matters most importantly! The Basics Of Attraction Marketing On The Internet Prior to computers and Internet companies, building a businesses back then they would create bill boards, send you flyers, and set up at trade shows where they related to you by leading with value as well. Attraction marketing on the Internet you are leading with value instead of a pitch. So instead of just running a blog that ... Read More »

Brand Your Business With YOU.Inc

Brand Your Business With YOU.Inc A very crucial understanding that separates the rich marketer from the broke marketer, is the real value and asset in your business is not a building made of dry wall and mortar. It is not the product that you promote, nor the attraction marketing company you signed up with and it can’t even be sold. To build a real business requires the best asset and that is YOU. The real business evolves from your brand, your face, your vitality, your confidence, your enthusiasm, and your solutions. This is something I picked up from Mike Dillar ... Read More »

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