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About Ralph

Ralph D Dickau

I enjoy my family, friends and freedoms. I’ve had many experiences in life having fun, working, and traveling.

My entrepreneurial journey started many years ago while growing up on a dairy farm on the Alberta, Canada prairies just east of the beautiful cities of Banff and Jasper nestled in the Canadian Rockies.

My early experiences were growing up on a dairy farm, so the disciple of a focused schedule because the cows required milking at 6:00 am and 6:00 pm. During the long summer days I milked those cows in the morning and evening and then worked long hours seeding crops, harvesting hay, silage and grain to sustain the animals on the farm. This definitely was an entrepreneurial life style.

Realizing that farming would be a struggle requiring additional income beside than just the dairy, I went on to the University of Alberta and graduated with a B.Ed. degree in Education majoring in mathematics. In my first year of teaching my father was injured in a car accident and died several weeks later. By the summer of that year we sold the farm because it would have been a struggle for my mom, so I continued teaching for additional 30 years. I had the great opportunity to work with excellent students over the years and watch them aspire to learning their potential when they applied their skills. I coached basketball, volleyball and soccer voluntarily over the years and watch as they combined their athletic skills with their academic learning. What a pleasure! In 2001 I retired and started marketing graphing calculators, as well as assisting friends and relatives with home renovations and by 2006 I built a website and so began the journey to marketing and building a business on the Internet.

In working with various coaches and frustrated students I found that many Internet marketers just wanted to sell you their individual software or paraphernalia that is only one part of full true Internet marketing.  My desire is to provide you with Attraction Marketing where I provide you with tools, information and help working to assist you and help regular individuals to become successful with marketing on the Internet. I will share many marketers and mentors that I have found to have integrity, honesty and want to assist others to learn how to market. The key is learning the skills and tools of Internet Marketing otherwise you will continue to spin your wheels and become very frustrated. I know, I’ve done it! One key program is learning Attraction Marketing and Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard is tops in this field. For his programs you are required to only pay once and you have continuous access to that website. A program that provides stellar training for the Internet Marketer is My Lead System PRO
developed by Norbert Orlewicz.

Ralph D Dickau

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