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Attracting the Clients You Need

One of the first and most important questions that a marketer must ask themselves if they want to market product or services to prospects, is how am I going to ATTRACT these prospects other family and friends because few of my them will buy these products from me?

So is finding new prospects in your business the major problem?  The main strategy for any business is to get leads and build the business.

The major focus in building a business is to solve other people’s problems. If you are not providing a service or product that solves a consistent problem or need in society you have no business. When you are working on solving other peoples problems you will be providing value to those prospects, value is solving the problems, needs and desires of your target audience.

Every single marketer has started with out a list of prospects. So PLANNING will be a major step in developing a business. So this planning must focus on individuals you want to coach, mastermind and grow along side. You now become the creator of your reality, the creator of your universe so why not craft a reality that is awesome for you, your dream world.

The major problem of most industries is how to get sales, how to get leads, how to get traffic, how to get prospects? These are the common problems of every industry. Focus on what your target market wants and typically they require training.

So when you start solving their problems and start giving them good ideas and you are helping them. These are the people you want to mastermind and coach because you can help them. Continue to plan out ways to find out what your target market wants. So if you want to attract people like you where they want to create success from home so what is your struggle.

Plan to change your strategy from just being a consumer of information but rather a marketer and a problems solver. By knowing your industry and immersing your self in the industry to be able to solve problems you create the value that other prospects need, want and desire.

There are Six Steps to Attracting More Clients:


1.  Make client attraction a priority


To attract prospects, a marketer must provide value where the marketer would not only consume and see what tips and advice and tricks they can use for marketing but a marketer would take that information and share it with their prospects.


You can help and be the bridge by sharing the learned content with your prospects, which makes this so powerful. Many marketers use blogs to build their bank of knowledge that they have learned and so they share this content with their prospects.


This also builds a relationship as the prospects learns more about the marketer and the niche of their market.


2.  Focus on Their Needs, Want and Desires And Provide Solutions To These


So, strategise and build your unique position in your business to solve the needs, wants and desires of your prospects. Always, create value. Discuss the problems you solve and the benefits to your prospects. Focus on the results. Solutions that produce results are always why people buy!


3.  Build Your Ideal Client Profile


When you know the profile of your ideal client, it provides focus on the solutions that you can provide for your clientele. This allows you to know how to position your compelling marketing message.


You can also learn where they might “hang out” thereby giving you the edge in marketing strategies. To further understand your client build surveys that will help you understand their needs and wants. Ask them what problems and struggles they face and possible ways that your business may solve these situations.



4. Always Construct a Compelling Marketing Message


Once you’ve found a compelling solution for your clients needs and wants inform them through your message. Complete a through investigation of Search Engine Optimization with Market Samurai and Google Keyword Tool as it will assist your marketing message providing you with keywords that will match searched words in your product. Using Market Samurai gives you the advantage providing you with the competition, and the strength of the words you select making sure you will receive some traffic.



5. Package Your Product Well, and Check Your Competitions Pricing


Package your product in an appealing way as to make it attractive and also know your market as well as your competition. Also determine whether your product or program is a one time marketed event because giving a deadline also cause further persuasion to purchase.


Another type of product may market best by having it as continuous program with monthly payments. These type of options are very important for the client to know at purchase time.



6. Attract Client Testimonials

Providing an informative website, brochures, flyers, blog postings, social media marketing and events to attract your prospects. You can build your website and blog with powerful and compelling “before and after” testimonials that provide the solutions to the prospects needs.


Other programs like Ezines, TribePro and Better Networker can really assist you in getting the message out and attracting matching prospects to your site..

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