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Attraction Marketing Magnets To Attract Prospects

Attraction Marketing MagnetsSo the question becomes how do I find out what others would like to learn? What magnet can I create that will attract those prospects? One of the strongest magnets that will attract people is helping others!  How can you help others? If you choose this as your focus you can obtain what you want every single time! This gives you the great magnet to attract leads to your website by positioning you as an expert in your niche.

Select a magnet of any valuable information or object that you can provide your prospects in exchange for their contact information. Having a means to communicate with them allows you to develop a relationship.

Magnet #1: E-books, Free Reports and White Papers

So what do you write about? Do you ever struggle with topics to write or talk about? Think about what your target market wants. Think about your target market like someone like your self wants to create success from home. The next step is to go out and learn what is it that you struggle with? By changing your focus from being just a consumer of information you now become a marketer and a problem solver for these prospects. By creating a free report it becomes an excellent way to share now what you have learned and develop yourself as an expert in the field. As you immerse your self in the industry you become the knowledgeable person that knows about your industry or niche. If you look a successful people like Napoleon Hill, Joe Vitale and Oprah Winfrey, they are very creative people that produce creative content like a magic wand by taking other people’s stuff and packaging in their own little way. You definitely can do that!

Magnet #2: Demonstrate Various Products

If your marketing a product, just create a video explaining the benefits and features of the product, post it on YouTube and include a link to your website. If you use a PowerPoint presentation it is easy to view the slides on your computer screen while you add the commentary. I’ve created various videos on Texas Instrument calculators as I have marketed them since 2002. It was very easy demonstrating the various aspects of a linear equation where the slope of the graph is changed by the value of “a” and the value of “b” the y-intercept in a linear equation y = ax + b because the calculator visually shows every single change for a change in the value of “a” and “b”. You create a very convincing experience for prospects to see.

Magnet #3: Samples Of The Product

Very often you can share a portion of the content in a book that you may be marketing. The author gives just enough to create and interest in the product that the prospect is dying to read the end of the story. Think of ways to break of a small taste of you product or service that entices the prospect to want more.

Magnet #4: Webinars

After establishing a list you now have the opportunity to build leadership and attract new leads by offering useful tips and valuable information. You can go to the library or search on Google for information on the topics that solves other people’s problems. You can provide fresh new data on topics that you can develop questionnaires and Internet marketing services will run the surveys that you create. You can provide fresh new information on topics that your prospects are just wanting. Solve their problems by creating new ways to retrieve that information. On the webinar itself I’ve had presenters ask the attendees of the webinar to ask questions about the specific topic they conducting and they will answer the questions live.

Magnet #5: Free Trial of Products or Services

There are numerous reasons for providing free trials. To accomplish something quickly in a short time, a free trial allows the prospect to put the product or service to a test before they click PayPal. Providing opportunity for an automated follow-up sequence that encourages usage and providing ways to answer any questions during the trial period will encourage immediate action by the prospects because you are creating a time acquisition.  Sending out emails with access to videos loaded with “tips and tricks” wets the appetite of your prospects to “raise their hands” saying: “Yes, I’m interested in knowing more about this topic. Your objective is to provide the information and not to sell them anything else.

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