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Attraction Marketing Verses Traditional Marketing

Attraction Marketing has been gaining greater attention over the

past 4 years however if you are new to Internet Marketing you may be

unfamiliar with the concept.One of the first things we must realize when

we start out on the Internet that your presence is new and like a new store

in your local strip maul the new owner will require some time to gain trust in the community. Well just as a new marketer you will need to develop a trust with online customers as well. Therefore we need informed customers regarding the value we provide them, which in return will gain their confidence in your products and your brand and this can be developed through Attraction Marketing.

Follow me as I take a few moments to point out the value of Attraction Marketing and indicate why it can create some FUN tasks verses an evil chore. I know and you probably know already that it requires work to reach new prospects and retain clients you have already reached.

Some marketing advice sounds much similar to a grocery list of actions no one wants to do:

  1. Spend and hour a day posting your content to social media and networking sites.
  2. Spend another hour searching for random people on Twitter, Facebook and Linked-In hoping they will follow you back.
  3. Design well crafted “press releases” that are designed to coerces people to buy your products.

People love to buy products however the restrains with in today’s economy, forces prospects to evaluate what they purchase so they are not going to purchase out of fear.

That’s where Attraction Marketing changes the whole marketing scheme.

  1. To attract people it is obvious that finding valuable content that helps prospects will be interesting for them to read. The content requires focus on solving problems, needs and desires. Also focus on those prospects that you want to coach, mastermind and grow along side. You want to creator your reality and the creator of your universe so why not craft the reality dream world for you. Therefore focus on solving the problems of your targeted market. Also remember that you will need to simply give some content away free to encourage them to give you their name and email address.
  2. To connect with like-minded individuals who share your outlook and vision requires good content that enables these prospects to sense a similar outlook that actually want to hangout with you.

Attraction Marketing involves drawing people to you by creating, a constant stream of real value for people in areas that they are searching.

1.   What are the problems of most industries?

2.   How to get sales?

3.   How to get leads?

4.   How to get traffic?

5.   How to get prospects?

These are all common problems in most industries and here it will be related to Internet Marketing. It is important to focus on the needs of your target market and provide them with training. That requires solving the problems of others and getting some results in your business.

Traditional Marketing is a lot like pushing yourself on people who don’t want the items you have to offer.

So create content that makes your proud and plan to seek out people who are interested in good content and you will know you are creating valuable content that people will spend their time with you!  Creating any content will require work but, these is a huge difference in creating legitimate connections with people based on respect and shared interests because they have received valuable content who want and need this content.

The desire and motivation to create a positive Marketing Plan drives a positive vision that you will want to do it! The excitement of working on a positive marketing plan for the day moves you forward to higher marketing goals, the enjoyment of building these connections and providing this value for people. Knowing that you have created this valuable content will encourage you to do more. Simply put: So you get out of it, what you out into it!

Desire to Learn How to Become a Master Of Attraction Marketing!





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