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Brand Your Business With YOU.Inc


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A very crucial understanding that separates the rich marketer from the broke marketer, is the real value and asset in your business is not a building made of dry wall and mortar. It is not the product that you promote, nor the attraction marketing company you signed up with and it can’t even be sold.

To build a real business requires the best asset and that is YOU. The real business evolves from your brand, your face, your vitality, your confidence, your enthusiasm, and your solutions. This is something I picked up from Mike Dillar in his book I purchased from him, Magnetic Sponsoring.

He taught me that by serving others, solving people’s problems, building relationships, and providing ongoing value; you become a highly valued individual. You name the price for what ever you’re selling.

As you build a following, no matter what happens in the market place, your business will remain in tact and able to produce a profit to maintain your livelihood. Your lifestyle will be determined by the direct result of serving your customers well.

John Maxell in his book, refers to this as you are putting yourself in a position of ‘servant leadership’, the true secret is that by helping everyone else to get what they want, you get everything you want and much, much more!

Following this process we are really talking about creating “Your Name, Inc.”  Your business is built by ‘you’ as a person, and the value that YOU bring to others as an individual, serving your customer’s needs and problems because you are providing them with a solution.

By building a base of loyal subscribers and customers with loyal service, it will sustain your business. Through attraction marketing people are buying into YOU way before they are buying your product or opportunity.

You have probably heard of Donald Trump and what ever your own personal opinion is of the man, he is very clever in how he operates. He is always in the media to continue to brand him self, so he can lend his name to projects, which may or may not include real estate. Without his name recognition and the shrewd image of a strong and tough businessman, he wouldn’t be making the 10-figure plus deals he makes. Trump’s name adds value on a building and is instantly associated with luxury and quality. He adds value through the luxury services within his buildings, wealth-building seminars to reveal his secrets, writing books on business success and most importantly entertainment during the evening news.

You can take your business anywhere with an Internet connection by building your subscriber base online and you have no boundaries. You do not have to have a high profile business person like Trump but as you build a large enough list of people who value your expertise you to can have success in attraction marketing.

Attracting marketing is all about generating leads through marketing and developing a relationship with those leads through a process called “pipeline marketing”. As this pipeline grows to thousands and tens-of-thousands of people, you need a way to maintain a relationship with all of them from the newest person to the super excited prospect ready to join your opportunity.

Attraction Marketing uses technology to help you build your business with automation. So start building your pipeline with the value of building relationships simultaneously with thousands of people instead of the serial process that most businesses use.

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