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The Real Secret Of Attraction Marketing

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The Real Secret Of Attraction Marketing

So let me share with you and possibly assist you in understanding attraction marketing and to explain how that affects your marketing and where it matters most importantly!

The Basics Of Attraction Marketing On The Internet

Prior to computers and Internet companies, building a businesses back then they would create bill boards, send you flyers, and set up at trade shows where they related to you by leading with value as well. Attraction marketing on the Internet you are leading with value instead of a pitch. So instead of just running a blog that constantly talks about your primary company products and compensation plan you instead inform your customers about topics that would interest network marketers to attract them to YOU. Like explaining topics of getting leads, traffic and signups through your network marketing pipeline. This works contrary to the traditional marketer who PUSHES sales. You want to stand out from the crowd where you lead with value and have the desire to SERVE the people! You are wanting to ATTRACT the people!

Since you want to be leading with value attraction marketing, where you teach with information of value, instead of shoving a sales flyer down the customers throat. Note the following examples:

Suppose you run a plant nursery? In your blog post or live video of the different products you could describe some excellent types of flowers, shrubs and plants that customers could fill in along their house or their gardens to enhance the features around they house and yard. One could inform them of plants that require low maintenance instead of a sales promotion on 30% off on fertilizer providing the customer with value and information about some significant plants that ATTRACTS their attention. Now this does not mean that you never run a sales promotion but in cases like these you have interacted with the customer on another level than just PUSHING them on another sale.

If you are a house contractor you can inform the customer of the many new features that you are providing in your new housing units. These can easily be written up on blogs but several videos would definitely assist and inform the customers of the value that you place in the homes that you build.

Attraction Marketing Secrets

We can see very quickly that the focus definitely has changed where attraction marketing leads with value to attract people to solve their problems versus the old marketing pitch. Scores of people have learned this but they still are missing one critical element and when this element is applied properly will change your marketing and results whether online or offline, warm market or cold market and the secret is…YOU!

Okay, YES we mean, YOU. Through out history people have been attracted to many others in leadership role where they were on a mission where they were out to accomplish something and were BEING powerful. The purpose here is to set goals and a direction where you are BEING powerful and focused so that you attract some of the naysayers so that they at learn what you are up to.

Using a video in situations like these can illustrate my point and definitely help the customer understand that having a vision for what a person really wants in life, will make you use more attractive marketing online as well as in person or when talking to your warm market.

Here is a video I did awhile back that illustrates my point and I hope that it helps you understand that having a vision for what you really want in life, will make you use more attractive marketing online as well as in person or when talking with your warm market.

To Your Abundance!

PS: If you still don’t understand how to use marketing to attract people to you, you might consider watching this video on an Attraction Marketing System.

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