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The Reason For This Blog…

The Purpose…

My name is Ralph Dickau and I’m a personal strategic Internet marketing coach, and social media marketing trainer. I have been working in this field for over two years reading and researching the principles of Internet marketing and I desire to share my personal learning with you.

The primary and fundamental principle I mastered from Mike Dillard has been that if you are an entrepreneur and in business rather than employee, is that you must become a leader and leaders must educate themselves.  Being a leader and entrepreneur you absolutely need to help other people solve their problems. I quickly sought-after other successful marketers to verify this principle.

I found that those who were successful had first gained the knowledge of Internet marketing and then built a website or blog that provides Internet marketing prospects the necessary information and skills to market their business. Since people distaste being sold to,  you require the skills to attract prospects by then providing them with information and skills and also building a relationship with them.

So to market your message to the masses you require the skills of Social Media and to attract them to your content and then providing them a system that provides a reasonable quick success. I want to be straight forward and candid with you that this is not a get rich scheme and it does require work, focus and perseverance.

Tools Here For You…

You will notice throughout my blog, that there are tools, tips, resources and training here to support you in building your life and business. So tap into your passion and learn how to brand yourself and create a dynamic business.

Through utilizing blogging and social media you can become the master of your life. As you develop your online marketing skills,  your personal confidence will increase and you will become more magnetic and effective in your online and offline marketing allowing you to  connect with many. I will share with you how to effectively create lasting and fulfilling relationships which is the corner stone to a happier life and a thriving business.  There is no limit to where you can go, once you make the decision to live your best life. I am here to assist you in your journey in discovering your greatness.

My Commitment to You…

My blog is committed to assisting you to tap into your passion, through personal development giving you the foundation to enjoy the richness of what the home based and network marketing profession has to offer. Providing you personal development tools, social media and blogging training that put you in the drivers seat of your life. Giving you the inside scoop on the business model of network marketing your understanding becomes enlightenment and success.

Our Changing World and the Opportunity of the Internet…

I think in life we are always in a process of re-inventing ourselves. Being a retired High School Math instructor the curriculum changed every 10 years so I knew that our world is changing at a rapid pace and my business building strategies required the same reflection in these changes. The majority of my career was working with young people in motivating them to learn their true uniqueness to learning and inspiring them to be greater than they even dream to be in their present state.They learned to be flexible and adaptable for today’s market and in their future careers and I had to demonstrate to them that over my thirty-year career period I saw and had to adapt to massive changes.

When I entered university in 1968 computers were these massive boxes of circuits that required large rooms and programmers required these extremely organized programming cards to generate the programs to run them. In the 1990’s when the first desktop PC came out we were educating our students with the elementary components of basic on computers only to find out in 5 years students they were then learning the fundamentals of Word Processing and Excel spreadsheets and by the time I retired students had the ability to communicate with individuals all over the world.

Like many people I perceived I would need tremendous technical understanding to master the Internet, which stopped me in my tracks. However, I discovered by taking the plunge that I did not need technical know how and that it is much easier to create an online business.  I found the best mentors and I learned to apply everything I was learning from them. I have emerged with a tremendous understanding of social media and how to effectively use social media and my personal blog to brand and create a following down line.

My Role…
Many individuals tend to be desiring and discovering they must re-invent themselves and so it is important to provide baby boomers and the generation x, y and w with the necessary tools, insights and most effective training skills essential to building their own business because of high unemployment. I am willing and poised to provide this support to empower others to live life passionately and reaching the wider audience that the Internet provides. We recognize that numerous of you were definitely not born with a computer in your lap therefore it is my commitment to reveal what is effective, without the technological confusion, thereby concentrating alternatively on establishing excellent quality relationships online and beyond.

In order to help you get in touch with your passion and apply this enthusiasm to your business I’m here to assist. In the event that you choose to pursue Internet marketing, I am poised to coach and assist you to not only to understand the business model of Internet marketing but to create quality relationships leads of potential quality clients to your thriving business.

It is my passion and commitment to help you transverse both the offline and online communities, creating lasting relationships build you a thriving and growing home based business.

Creating Together…

By signing up to my blog, it will be my privilege to assist you in your entrepreneurial journey of self-discovery and creating a successful business. I know you will develop as a person, mastering valuable skills and obtaining access to amazing resources that will save you time and money and assisting you in the attraction of others into your business.

Please leave a comment and share your story with me. I look forward to getting to know you and assisting you in realizing your dreams.

Ralph Dickau

Helping you to shorten your learning curve!

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