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Using Attraction Marketing To Build An Internet Business

Attraction Marketing

The reason for this blog is to assist you in building a business by attracting 100+ attraction marketing leads each and every day for your business and assist you in learning how to get paid even if they do not join your team.

So to build a business online, the very significant KEY is to focus on building a business and not just a down-line.

The Internet Is A Business Communication Tool: Secret #1

The first thing to realize is that the Internet is just a tool and method to assist a person in communication between you the marketer and the prospect who is seeking information to fulfill their need or want. It is not a turnkey simple solution. The Facebook Fan page, email, website or blog allows the marketer a place to inform their customers and prospects of the value their business provides their searching prospect or customer. You the marketer must master the art and science of sales, marketing and promotion to grow an attraction marketing Internet business.

Internet Business Involves Building Social Interaction: Secret #2

The key component in attraction marketing is thinking personal involvement, social interaction and building a community. Meaning it is all about people building business relationships with people.

In attraction marketing the key component is thinking personal involvement, social interaction and building a community. Recent literature has shown that social presence is one of the most significant factors in improving marketing effectiveness and building a sense of community. So that means that building a business on the Internet is all about building business relationships with people.

Giving High Value Marketing Content: Secret #3

The secret is providing high value content that attracts high value people. In my up bringing I was not taught this concept and I’ve had to learn because people believe in this industry that you can have anything and everything you want out of life if you first seek to help other people get exactly what they want out of life. Give first, give freely and give often by leading with super value, awesome content, tools and attraction marketing training.

Building A List With Funnel, Capture Page And Auto-responder: Secret #4

To build a business on the Internet after you have provided the valuable content you require a funnel with a Capture Page and an auto-responder to collect the name and email address of each potential prospect. A marketer must think leads so you require an auto-responder that collects the names of individuals and their email address. After you have attracted them to your list you need to stay in contact with these people on your list because the big money is in your list where you teach them the value of your content. Your future success in business will come as these prospects respond to your content. As prospects encounter your content you as a marketer must realize that not every marketer will be ready to do business with you today, however if you stay in touch by continuing to provide outstanding value and content, many will join you later.

Leading With Funded Proposal Offers Creating Instant Cash: Secret #5

To build a business and maintain it cash flow is very important to keep your business running. In attraction marketing it is important to lead with a funded proposal offer to assist creating constant instant cash to keep the business a float. A funded proposal allows you to get paid to generate leads that move you much closer to “Building a Business, not just a Down-Line”. Think of it this way: If you put all of your eggs into one basket and then you realize if someone hits the egg basket and breaks all your eggs? Consider spreading the wealth income by creating multiple streams of income so if one source dries up, it’s a bummer but certainly not catastrophic.

Test Different Attraction Marketing Lead Generation Systems: Secret #6

Definitely take some time learning several time-tested attraction marketing lead generation systems that have proven to work. Once you have these in place you will save time, learning how to build code for your own websites and blogs thereby freeing up your time to “Connect, Direct, and Enroll” because sponsoring and recruiting is where you will find your fortune.

Before the Internet, people had to turn to trade-shows, attend hotel conferences, cold-call or resort to door-to-door selling. In all of these methods it was someone’s personality, which sold a product or opportunity people liked you so they acquired from you. There’s a massive resurgence in attraction marketing today online and that’s because it works, and one of the finest ways to use this method is thru video. YouTube gets literally billions of hits each month. If somebody has an interest in a product and have questions they may search for a video about it.

If you made a video about your product, then someone may actually click thru and purchase the product from you. They know you took the time to make the video and review the product, so you are rewarded with a sale. There actually is no easier way for marketing on the Internet than by utilizing video.

It really does not matter that you do this, whether you write reviews, or have a Squidoo lens, use a stand alone Internet site or advertise your product using YouTube; you must show your character. When people see that you know, what you are talking about, they understand that you have taken the steps to help individuals like them, they’ll trust you and be more inclined to buy something from you because they like you.

Selling Yourself Attraction marketing is just about selling yourself – branding YOU as an expert on a specific product. Use proven lead generation systems where you spend 20% of your time promoting, and 80% of the time being available to build your attraction marketing system on the Internet by sponsoring and recruiting new prospects.

Promote Intensively To Your Team Because Simple Systems Duplicate: Secret #7

As you build a team, teach your team to leverage the same proven attraction marketing lead generation systems and teach them to promote intensively because simple systems duplicate. As new marketers begin marketing they will eventually run out of their warm market contacts so you must have a system in place to assist your Team to make contact with people they do not know. Be prepared as a business leader that you MUST to be able to answer the “Now What?” question when your Team presents it. So when the “Now What do I do?” question appears, you need to be able to guide them into a simple, proven, online lead generation system.

Writing good articles is just one side of attraction marketing. Video is so much better – you can’t presumably hire someone in the Malaysia to do that for you!

By making a video you are branding yourself straight away. Successful marketing relies upon attraction marketing and you will see that the most noteworthy marketing consultants use video as a most lucrative platform for promoting their businesses.

Everyone goes first to the Web when they’d like to learn about a product they may have an interest in purchasing. Once they have eventually made up their minds what they’d like to buy they are already pre-sold on that product.

If your Internet site is one that the person has visited and you supplied useful info to them, perhaps in the form of a video or a review, then that individual is more likely to purchase from you.

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